The Symbol of Pennsylvania

The Symbol of Pennsylvania

We’re proud Pennsylvanians. We’re proud of the diversity, beauty, grit, and passion that form the bedrock of our Commonwealth. And we are always looking for ways to share that PA pride.

 But as we looked for symbols of Pennsylvania pride that we could wear or display, we kept coming up short. Sure, there are state symbols. We’ve got the:

But there’s no symbol of the unrivaled pride we feel at being Pennsylvanians. So we created one. We created the Symbol of Pennsylvania.

The RepresentPA Symbol of Pennsylvania conveys the beauty of our state: rolling mountains, fields of golden yellow and brown, and the iconic PA keystone. And we’re spreading awareness of this new Symbol of Pennsylvania to give other PA natives and residents the opportunity we were craving—showing off your PA pride and sharing our love for visiting, exploring, and calling PA home.

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