Why State Pride Matters

Why State Pride Matters

As we travel across our state sharing the Symbol of Pennsylvania, we’re sometimes asked about what the symbol means and why we feel so strongly about our PA roots. We love hearing these questions, because they cut right to the core of why we launched RepresentPA. Yes, we are proud of our state and we wanted a symbol to convey that. But we also know that state pride is important, and there are a ton of benefits to having a symbol we can all rally around. For example, state pride:

Increases tourism

People plan their vacations around beautiful locations they’ve seen online or destinations that everyone is talking about. When people see your RepresentPA hat, or ask about the sticker on your laptop, they realize that PA is more than just your home state. Your pride shows that Pennsylvania is also a place worth visiting.

When people from out of town start planning family trips to PA, we all benefit. Tourists shop in local boutiques, visit museums and attractions, dine in neighborhood restaurants, and stay in our regional hotels. And when they return home with stories about the beauty, adventure, and incredible memories they found in Pennsylvania, they encourage friends and family to plan their own trips to the Keystone State. 

Motivates us all to explore our own backyards

It’s not just the tourists who are motivated to explore Pennsylvania when they hear people bragging about the Commonwealth. We all have the unfortunate habit of getting into a rut and forgetting to appreciate what’s in our own backyards. But when hear our coworkers’ excitement about being a Pennsylvanian—and we see our friends wearing RepresentPA swag!—we’re reminded of all there is to do in our home state. Pride can be contagious.

Supports small businesses

People who are proud of their home state have a tendency to put their money where their mouth is: shopping local, supporting “mom and pop’s,” and dining at the corner café. Small businesses are what make our towns so special, and supporting them creates more vibrant and thriving downtowns.

Enhances community connections

Local pride reminds us that we are part of a community of people who share similar life experiences and priorities. And when we are proud of our communities, we are motivated to keep them strong by volunteering with local nonprofits, checking in on our neighbors, and offering a helping hand when times get tough. In fact, our state’s supportive communities are one of the biggest reasons we are proud to be from PA!

Improves local economies

When tourism increases and more people are shopping and dining locally, regional economies improve. Stronger economies mean less unemployment, more opportunities for personal and professional advancement, and a greater diversity of stores, restaurants, and attractions. Pride can seriously pay off!

Promotes local history and culture

Did you know that Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State because we played a key role in the establishment of the United States? Did you know that 80% of pretzels sold in the U.S. are made in Pennsylvania—and that Philadelphians consume twelve pounds of pretzels per person each year?

State pride encourages us to learn more about the people and places of Pennsylvania, celebrating all the wonderful and wacky things that makes our state so great.  

Reminds everyone that Pennsylvania’s the best!

Enough said.