Pennsylvania Logo

 We’re proud Pennsylvanians. We’re proud of the diversity, beauty, grit, and passion that teems from every corner of our state. The more we traveled around the USA, the more frustrated we became that there was no obvious way for us to show off our Pennsylvania pride. Many states, like Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Maryland, have a distinctive flag to serve as a symbol uniting state pride. Since Pennsylvania’s flag is less-than-charismatic, we created a design to serve as a uniting symbol of Pennsylvania—a new Pennsylvania logo.
 RepresentPA Pennsylvania logo
We created a Pennsylvania logo evoking the beauty of Pennsylvania: rolling mountains, fields of golden yellow and brown, and the iconic PA keystone. 
We’re spreading awareness of this new Pennsylvania logo and Pennsylvania design, appealing to passionate Pennsylvanians all across the state.
Show your Pennsylvania pride by displaying our RepresentPA Pennsylvania logo every day!