RepresentPA "Symbol of Pennsylvania" Black Bear Patch

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Are you Pennsylvania Proud? Show it off with this "RepresentPA" black bear-shaped iron-on patch. The patch is 4 inches wide by 2.4 inches tall.

A Montana forest ranger once said to us: "Oh you're from PA? You all have beautiful black bears out there!" Indeed, about 20,000 black bears roam Pennsylvania's woods, forests, and mountains—one of the nation's healthiest black bear populations. We think that's awesome, so let's show some pride in it!


We created the RepresentPA logo to unify and energize Pennsylvania pride—a way for proud Pennsylvanians to recognizably show that they're PA proud. We created a logo evoking the beauty of Pennsylvania: rolling mountains, fields of golden yellow and brown, and the iconic PA keystone.

If you’re also Pennsylvania proud, join us in showing it! We hope to see Pennsylvanians—from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and around the country—proudly representing PA!


Iron-On Instructions:

1) Lay garment on a flat surface

2) Place cotton cloth over patch

3) Using cotton setting on iron (usually a higher temperature) with no steam or water, apply pressure on patch in a circular motion for 1-3 minutes. Allow patch to cool.
4) Flip garment inside-out and press iron onto patch location until patch is adhered.

5) If patch is not fully adhered, repeat process.