Symbol of Pennsylvania Flag Around State College and Penn State

What is the blue and yellow Pennsylvania flag showing up around State College and Penn State?

Across State College, Happy Valley, and the Penn State community, Pennsylvanians are showing their PA pride by flying the RepresentPA “Symbol of Pennsylvania” flag.

In addition to our stickers, hats, apparel, and magnets, the Symbol of Pennsylvania flag gives proud Pennsylvanians a signature, recognizable way to boldly and publicly show pride in our home state. It's a way to further our mission of encouraging Pennsylvania pride across the Keystone State, while lifting up our communities and making PA a better place to call home.

State College and Penn State embody why we’re proud Pennsylvanians. Surrounded by beautiful soft rolling mountains, forests, and farms, it’s a community built by Pennsylvanians from across PA. With community members drawn from Erie to Philadelphia, the Penn State and State College community thrives from its diversity—from bringing together the unique urban and rural heritages that give Pennsylvania character.

That’s why we’re making a push for proud Pennsylvanians at Penn State to fly the RepresentPA Symbol of Pennsylvania flag at their homes, apartments, and dorms. Join us! Show your Pennsylvania pride and fly the Symbol of Pennsylvania flag in State College!